Crown Vic Police Interceptor Being Replaced by Ford

As a confessed police “want-a-be” who would rather watch a 10 year old rerun of COPS 2.0 on the G4 network instead of a new sitcom, I took notice of a recent article in U.S. World and News Report in regards to our beloved Crown Vic. It seems the Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor, which is like the B52 of police vehicles, is being replaced in the year 2012.

Probably the most recognizable car on the face of the earth, the Ford Police Interceptor Crown Vic has not seen a makeover in 15 years. And this makeover is going to be drastic and take some getting use to. The Crown Victoria is going away and the 2012 Ford Police Interceptor will become a TAURUS.

Some history. Ford began making a police package back in the 1950’s and their Crown Vic series has been their most successful model. In fact numbers indicate that over 70% of the police cars purchased over the past 5 years have come from Ford. Ford actually goes further than most by having their engineers work with an “advisory board” made up of law enforcement professionals who give requests, ideas and input for police officers wants and needs in a vehicle. The results: 90% of the interior of the Taurus has been redesigned for police use. Suggestions implemented included front seats with “anti-stab” plates in them to prevent violent criminals in the back seat from attacking.

No doubt one of the biggest reason for going to a Taurus chassis is gas mileage. The V8 engine in the Crown Vic was not very stingy on the MPG and the weight and length of it made it a boat. The Taurus will have a V6 which will improve mileage by 25%. But don’t underestimate this smaller package. Ford has thrown two “turbochargers” into the mix that will deliver 365 horsepower…115 MORE than the standard Crown Vic. Throw in an optional all wheel drive package for control and maneuverability, and this is one tight, quick vehicle.

There is a bit of competition out there for law enforcement performance vehicles. Bemidji has gone with the Chevrolet Impala. GM is dumping the Impala for a bigger rear wheel police car with a Caprice chassis. It will run on E85 and produce 355 horsepower and have a 6 speed automatic transmission. And the Beltrami County Sherriff’s office has a few Dodge CHARGER cruisers which look really sharp and have a hemi high performance engine in them. Dodge is coming out with a redesigned Charger Interceptor in 2011 which has not been released to the public as of yet. It will be interesting to see which way the local officials will go.

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